A Local DIY Twist to a Delicious, Garden-to-Glass CBD Cocktail

Why create a CBD Cocktail?
Well, mixologists including those at the infamous LA speakeasy, The Stubborn Nail, have a number of reasons to spice up and chill out your favorite concoctions. They have shared a custom, premium CBD cocktail through their Garden-to-Glass model. What is Garden-to-Glass? Glad you asked. The Stubborn Nail speakeasy was started by avid gardeners who grow many of their fresh ingredients from fruit to herbs. We love the model as it adds a personal, local twist to your beverage while opening up a world of possibilities. Did we also mention that they are some of the healthiest and most sustainable cocktails by growing nutrient-rich, organic ingredients locally and cutting out carbon emissions for not having to transport produce?

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DIY Asha CBD Bath Bombs

In today?s world, we are inundated with fast-paced, toxic environments which can lead to poor diets and emotional and physical stress. Our endocannabinoid system is our environmental response system and is tasked with keeping us balanced and healthy. It synthesizes its own human-made endocannabinoids, like Anandamide, to help the body regulate inflammation and stress. However, if it is constantly under assault through poor diets, pollution, and stressful circumstances, it can become overwhelmed and unable to properly produce endocannabinoids the body needs.

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