Your CBD Travel Guide

Millions of people use CBD to help manage their stress naturally, and while traveling with CBD is legal in the United States, it might not be in other countries. Asha Apothecary has you covered with this global guide of CBD policies while traveling abroad.

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CBD Oil Dosages Explained

Asha Apothecary goes into detail here on how to determine the correct CBD dosage for you & other important facts. For more organic hemp and CBD oil products, contact us!

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The Science of Magic

At Asha, we are inspired by the awe, wonder, and spirituality the natural world can ignite in us. Everything from the soil to the stars sparks our passion and fuels our fire. This is magic for us. And through this perspective, we can see that magic is all around. We use this magic to uncover the magic in ourselves and others.

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Breastfeeding and CBD

As many as one in five women suffer from postpartum depression, according to the CDC, and on top of that, moms are dealing with anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia. Knowing all of this, moms are understandably looking for safe and effective ways to treat some of these symptoms, including CBD options. What do we know about CBD and breastfeeding? Can it be passed through breast milk, and if so, can it hurt your little one?

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Regeneration: Evolving Sustainability

What is regeneration, really? How can regenerative principles evolve the way we design solutions for ourselves and the planet? When people talk about sustainability, they are usually talking about doing less harm. The truth is, a lot of harm has already been done to the place we all call home. So, what can we do, if sustainability isn’t enough? What if we could heal some of the damage? What if we could leave our earth home better than how we found it? This is exactly what we mean by regeneration.

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Period Pain and CBD

Cramps. Irritability. Migraines. Bloating. Insomnia. Breakouts. Exhaustion. Sound familiar, ladies? Periods: they are the monthly “gift” that impact each person a little differently, but I think we can all agree that finding more holistic treatments to get you through some of the annoying symptoms of menstruation can be tough. When I finally tried a CBD tincture, I found that it greatly reduces my symptoms, with no side effects. This phenomenon got me thinking–how does this all work?

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Can CBD Help You Sleep?

It’s no secret that sleep is essential for our physical and mental health. However, a significant number of people find themselves regularly lacking quality sleep, according to The National Sleep Foundation. With the rise in CBD popularity as a plant-based remedy for diverse ailments from stress to pain relief, many have reported positive effects for improving their sleep quality. But can CBD really help deepen your rest? What does the latest research say? We reviewed the most recent scientific literature examining the latest preclinical and clinical trials for CBD and sleep.

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Tasty Teas + Asha Tips!

One of my favorite warm beverages happens to be tea, and I love herbal teas, particularly because they typically don?t contain caffeine, making them a great ?any time of day? drink. Read on as we dive into some of my favorite herbal ?teas? and some of their health benefits!

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4 Steps to Maximize Your CBD Effectiveness

?Shelf Life? is a term that defines how long a product is usable, saleable, or fit for consumption?. While some products like milk become unsafe after the expiration date, many also lose their effectiveness over time. The speed at which that effectiveness is lost can depend on a few very important things, which luckily are under your control.

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