"When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home."

- Rumi





Asha’s founders are also active members of the NEXUS community: one of the largest networks of social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and impact investors represented by 70+ countries. NEXUS hosts global impact summits across 5 continents and collaborates with leading institutions, such as the United Nations, to accelerate solutions to major issues. Two of our founders serve as co-chairs of the NEXUS Futurism Working Group, which raises awareness and facilitates responsible participation in science and technology.

Ocean SOS

Some of our founders also started Ocean SOS, which is a non-profit aimed at uniting local and international officials, funders, innovators, academics, and other stakeholders to create a global network of regenerative ocean initiatives. Ocean SOS is focused on bridging next-gen approaches in technology, decentralization, community governance, blended funding, and cultural integration for the betterment of our seas.

Do LaB

We are creatives at heart and deeply believe in the power of art and experience to spawn conscious progress. Over the years, we have worked with Do LaB in producing their world-famous Lightning in a Bottle: an immersive festival experience. They are repeat recipients of A Greener Festival’s ‘Greenest Festival in America’ award. We work with them to bring social and environmental consciousness to the space. We are lucky to call them friends and to be able to explore our best selves every year at Lightning in a Bottle.