"A journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step."

- Confucius




We are firm believers that anyone, at any moment, can take a positive step to help regenerate our planet. This is why we are partnering with our dear friends at Kiss the Ground,  who have worked for years to create the Farmland Program that provides farmers, ranchers and land stewards training in the field of regenerative agriculture. These land stewards are critical connections between food, planet, and climate. We are committed to uplifting them through funding, holistic training, and soil monitoring.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles that revitalize healthy soils which store water, capture carbon dioxide, and enrich produce with vital micronutrients. The United Nations recently identified healthy soil as a superior method to reverse global warming. It is part of the family of natural solutions that can be enacted immediately to support human and planetary livelihood. A truly regenerative solution.

Farmland Scholarship Program

Proceeds from every purchase of Asha will go towards supporting the Farmland Scholarship Program. We are deeply passionate about this movement, which is why we are taking our partnership to the next level. Two of our wife-and-husband co-founders have a background in regenerative landscape architecture (Karelaine Walworth) and climate science (Dr. Nathan Walworth). They are Adjunct Faculty at the Regenerative Studies Institute at Cal Poly Pomona, where they integrate Kiss the Ground curriculum into their courses to teach students about regenerative approaches across fields like design, engineering, agriculture, art, and business.

Regeneration is much more than a set of tools. It is a holistic and philosophical approach that reframes problems into potential. And we believe that starts with us.

“Education is a luxury that most farmers don’t have the means to indulge in. Farmer scholarships are a gift that allowed us to learn from our heroes and reimagine our own place in agriculture."

– Nate Siemens, owner of Fat Uncle Farms and recipient of Kiss the Ground Farmer Scholarship