We believe in the timeless bond between plants and people. Most medicines have their origins in healing natural herbs. At Asha, we honor ancient botanicals with the tools of modern science. Sure, we all carry the weight of the world on our shoulders sometimes. Who says it has to hurt?

Our Team

Kirtan Patel

Chief Executive Officer

Karelaine Walworth

Chief Creative Officer

Dr. Nathan Walworth

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. AJ Schlenger

Chief of Operations

Our Story

We are a collective of scientists and designers that believe we all have a responsibility to create a future we want to live in. This means caring for our bodies should be linked with caring for the earth. Asha is where feeling good can also mean doing good. For us, this means a commitment to earth-friendly products and a business model that not only supports our nonprofit partners but can always be improved.  And we want our doers, makers, and shakers to come create with us as we blaze some trails.

We’re simple. We put in love, sweat, and tears (fur real) to source the finest ingredients and deliver them to you with the utmost transparency. Go ahead and scan the QR code on our products to see what goodness waits inside each bottle. Instead of fighting the old world, we’re building a new one to make the old one obsolete (thanks for the inspo, Buckminster ;).